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On Recognition


Sisters don’t make use of sisters, we try not to anyway. So in recognition of the cgs’ who have given a lot of time and commitment in putting up the alumni and organizing the first event, we honour you with a two year complimentary membership. Congratulations!

Lim Lay Hoon
Alice Teen
Ong Bok Kin
Judy Loo Kooi Hong
Sing Chet
Haslina Bt Che Ros
Lily Wooi
Rathy Mahendran
Kwek Saw Tin
Susan Tan Siew Siong
Cheah Joon Bee
Chin Yan Sean
Florence Ooi
Ooi Ling Ling
Anis Aniz
Monica Chee
Ng Wei Peng
Susie Boo

And for their invaluable support and love for the alumni, we honor the following ladies with an honorary membership.
Ms Murugesu
Ms Soo Gook Siew
Puan Che Su
Sr Teresia

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Happy Sister’s Day!


Today is Sister’s Day. 

So happy Sister’s Day! 

The pix above is for all of you. 

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The Good Ol’ Days

Here are some pictures taken way back in 1963/64 .  The first one is the first Joyful Vanguards.  The second one is class photo of 1963 and the last one is a staff photo.  Some of the teachers are there: Mrs Tan, Mrs Leerdam, Ms Soo and Ms Murugesu and many more.

Can you spot them?

 Photos courtesy of Dolly Pasqual & Florence Ooi


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The donation of RM1000 for Convent school was handed over to Pn Che Su. Attached is a photo that shows me handing the cheque to Pn Che Su. Beside her is the adviser of the school’s Environment Club, Joyce Chiew. Our donation will be channelled to the club for its “Wetlands Project”. This is an educational project aimed at creating awareness of the environment, specifically the wetlands. The school is creating a wetlands at the area to the left of the school porch. It’s quite a big project estimated to cost about RM40,000. Amro bank has pledged to contribute RM20,000. The school is making efforts to raise more. Pn Che Su asked if the CGA can help. I told Pn Che Su taht I’ll bring this to the attention of the CGA. After being briefed by Joyce I’m impressed and am of the opinion that this project is worth supporting. Joyce is a member of the MNS and a very dedicated geography teacher as well as adviser of the Environment Club. She organises many activities and programs to educate students and instil a sense of awareness of environment and love for Mother Earth.

lim lay hoon

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On Giving


Someone said, “We only truly give when we give of ourselves.”  Since we are not really into that yet, we decided to do the next best thing which is to give a little support to our gals who are.

So, from the collection during our tribute nite, we did the following:

RM1000 to Puan Che Su for the school

RM500 to Sr Teresia for the retired nuns in Melaka

RM500 to Sr Claire for the admirable work she is doing with women in crisis.

Last but not least, we placed an ad in the school magazine.  We are able to do all this BECAUSE OF YOU!  Again our gratitude to all.  Here’s the ad.  Canggih right?

Fellowship of the Ring a.k.a The Committee

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Our Beloved Sportsfield


Happy Happy New Year Ladies,

 Wow,  look at the legs even back in those days when Sr Cyril was the headmistress!  Our beloved sportsfield – where we have left many of our emotions behind (tears of victory, tears of loss, tears of being triumphant, tears of anxiety, years of practise and practise, tears of looking at the handsome scout and he did not look back, tears of joy when he did,  in short all our blood, sweat and tears).

The story is:  the field was on lease to the Convent.  The lease is up.  Sr Rosalind, head of the HIJ nuns has tried several times to  get the lease renewed.  The answer has been consistently, no. 

Mrs Pauline Quah, former headmistress of Convent Taiping, who is now residing in Australia gives a glimmer of hope.  She says, “We stand a better chance with an alumni.”  We have one now.    And we have a lead.  The  gentleman you see in the photo,  was one of our teachers then and he is an advisor to the town council now.  He might be able to point us to the next clue. 

Puan Che Su, the  current headmistress has done her bit too with the auhority.

So, we are looking for a special team.  A mission impossible team who will be dedicated to this and only this.  Better still,  look at is as a “Kim Possible”  team.  The only qualification required is that you will bawl your eyes out if we lose the field forever. You will know that you are the one or ones, if your heart starts beating, you are both anxious and nervous and hopeful and determined all at the same time.

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